The history of the Argentine empanada is as rich as this delicacy’s flaky crust and aromatic, flavorsome filling. A staple of cuisine in Buenos Aires, the empanada was enjoyed on the Iberian Peninsula for centuries before being brought to Argentina. The earliest empanada recipe is believed to be from the 16th century! The word “empanada” is derived from a Spanish word that means “to bread” or “wrap in bread.”

What Distinguishes the Traditional Argentine Empanada From Other Varieties?

Because it’s made using flour dough instead of corn. However, there really are no limits when it comes to what can be stuffed into an empanada! Beef, chicken, ham, cheese, spinach, caprese (mozzarella, tomatoes and sweet basil) and humita (corn cakes) are some of the modern-meets-traditional options that are popular today. There isn’t a more satisfying way to get a taste of meats and vegetables all in one bite!

All of the delicious, perfectly seasoned ingredients placed inside an empanada are mixed with traditional condiments and spices to create a filling before being baked into a delectable, flakey pocket that’s cooked until it has a golden, tender finish. A bite into an empanada is an experience for the senses that represents the soul of Argentinean food!

When you travel to Buenos Aires and other parts of Argentina, little empanada takeaways line the streets. Many people who experience this after visiting South America crave those flavorful, steaming empanadas when they return to the United States. Those looking for empanadas in Portland can enjoy authentic, freshly prepared Argentinean food from Alecocina. Located within the Portland Mercado at 7238 SE Foster Road in Portland, Alecocina is an authentically Argentinean food truck specializing in handcrafted, freshly made empanadas. We make each empanada the same way it’s made in Argentina! We never sells empanadas that have been frozen! Everything is made fully from scratch daily for the treasured guests who visit our food cart.

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