• Alfajores

    "Alfajores de Maicena" are tasty cookies made with cornstarch (maicena). These light desserts are full with the cookie's buttery flavor and "dulce de leche" sandwiched in between.
  • Cañoncitos

    The Cañoncitos de "Dulce de Leche" are a delicious dessert that can traditionally be enjoyed with coffee or tea. It is usually accompanied with Argentinian Mate. It contain milk caramel, puff pastry and sugar powder.
  • Churros (pack of two)

    Discover the ultimate indulgence with our heavenly filled churros! 🍩💫 Enjoy the perfect blend of golden-brown pastry, oozing with luscious dulce de leche, or rich chocolate. Topped with colorful sprinkles for a delightful crunch. Treat yourself now and experience pure bliss!
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